Images of BHAKTI
Bhakti as a form of worship has something very intimate and even familial about it, with babies and children often involved
Ganesh and the whole Shiva family are a continuing source of artistic interest
Even the more formidable deities, like Durga, can be devotionally shown as friendly and approachable, and are sometimes equipped with a family
The ultimate bhakta is Hanuman, who actually tears open his chest to reveal the images of Rama and Sita within.
The modern artist M. F. Husain has painted a whole series of meditations on the figure of Hanuman
Nowadays a five-headed form of Hanuman, which seems to integrate him into the series of avatars of Vishnu, is becoming popular; and there can be a seven-headed one too
Yantras, or attention-focusing diagrams, can be used to help the devotee meditate
Raidas and Ravidas, Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath: a miniature painting from c.1740-50
Mirabai, in several modern visions
Andal, the South Indian counterpart of Mirabai
Chaitanya and his faithful follower, Nityananda, as imagined in 1865
Other depictions of bhakti saints
Wandering devotional singers, like the Bauls of Bengal, are still to be found today

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