"Dancing Gopi," by Jaimini Roy

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"JAMINI ROY (1887-1972): DANCING GOPI. Gouache on paper, signed lower right in Bengali, framed and glazed- 21 x 16in. (53.5 x 40.5cm.)."

"Krishna," by M. F. Husain

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"MAQBOOL FIDA HUSAIN (b. India 1915). Krishna. signed 'Husain' (upper left). acrylic on canvas. 36 x 58 1/4 in. (91.5 x 148 cm.)."

"Radha Krishna," by Ramananda Bandhopadhyay

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"Holding Krishna," by Ramananda Bandhopadhyay

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But the elite artistic renderings are many times less popular than the continuing strong tradition of bazaar art

Source: ebay, Aug. 2012

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