The first known coin of Babur's: Ferghana, AH 903 (1497/8)

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"Zahir al-Din Muhammad Bahadur (Babur), as Sultan of Ferghana. 1494-1504. AR Tanka (4.66 gm). Struck during his occupation of Samarkand 1497-1498 (AH 903). A silver tanka of the Timurid sultan Husayn Baiqara, countermarked with the the Persian legend "adl Sultan Zahir al-Din Muhammad Bahadur 903" in a leaf shaped punch. R. Grossman, "An Early Countermark of Babur," ONS Newsletter 133 (1992) (this coin); MWI -; KM -; Wright -; Album 2463 note. Coin VF, c/m EF. Extremely rare; the first numismatic reference to the founder of the Mughal dynasty."

A silver tanka minted by Babur during his years in India, with an Indic-script inscription around the right face

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"BABUR: Silver tankah or shahrukhi, mintless type. Obverse  Legend. Reverse  Legend. Date  c. 1526-1530. Weight  4.62 gm. Diameter  22-23 mm."

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