Amritsar, the "Golden Temple," and Sikh history

Like so many other medieval towns, Amritsar was protected by a fort
Some later views of the city
The Harmandir Sahib, or "Golden Temple," is the preeminent center of Sikh religious pilgrimage; Akbar donated the land for it
Early photos of the Harmandir Sahib
The Harmandir Sahib, in a modern visitor's very large photo; and *as damaged in Operation Blue Star, 1984*
After political conflicts emerged, Jahangir executed Guru Arjan in 1606; later he imprisoned his successor Guru Hargobind in Gwalior Fort, but then released him
Maharaja Ranjit Singh put together a Sikh kingdom in the Punjab, c.1800-39, that many Sikhs remember with pride
A glimpse of life in modern Amritsar
Although the Harmandir Sahib is supreme, other pilgrimage places have developed as well
The Guru Granth Sahib is the theological center of Sikh religious life and practice
A modern devotional painting of all the Gurus, centering on Guru Nanak

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