*View of Fort William done after the painting in the Court Room of the Company's house in Leaden Hall Street, by Elisha Kirkall, 1735* (BL)

"A Perspective View of Fort William," by Jan Van Ryne, 1754; (*more information (BL)*

Source: http://www.wmcarey.edu/carey/portraits/portraits.htm
(downloaded Oct. 2004)

*"Old Fort William as seen from the opposite bank of the Hooghly, after the print by Jan van Ryne; an oil painting by Francis Swaine, c.1763* (BL)

*"Plan of Fort William, near Calcutta," c.1762-99* (BL) [*Ft. William plan*]

*"A View of Calcutta from Fort William," by S. Duburgh Davis, 1807* (BL)

*A view of the interior of Fort William looking east across the courtyard towards Chowringhee Gate and Chowringhee Road, a watercolor by William Wood, c.1828* (BL)

"The Fort," a lithograph by W. Wood, London, 1835

Source: ebay, Nov. 2010

Fort William in its context, in an SDUK ("Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge") map from 1844

Source: ebay, June 2005

"Fort William, Calcutta--sketched from the river," Illustrated London News, 1857; also *"Gateway of Fort William, Calcutta"*; also *"Interior of Fort William--Calcutta in the distance"*; also *"Fort Church and South barracks"*; also *"Government House Fort and Dalhousie Barracks"*

Source: ebay, June 2009

"The Garrison Church, Fort William, Calcutta," from the Illustrated London News, 1866; *a photograph of the church, also from 1866*

Source: ebay, June 2009

"Calcutta, from the Plassey Gate [of Fort William]," from the Illustrated London News, 1870

Source: ebay, Sept. 2009

"Fort William," a photo from c. the 1870's

Source: ebay, July 2009

"Chowringhee gate Fort William," an albumen photo, 1880's

Source: ebay, Dec. 2007

The site of the ever-controversial "Black Hole of Calcutta" [*wiki*], in Fort William; a stereoscopic view, 1908

Source: ebay, July 2008

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