Shah Jahan holding court, as depicted by Bichitra c.1650

Source: Bamber Gascoigne, The Great Moghuls (New Delhi:  B.I. Publications, 1971), p. 145. Photographs by Christina Gascoigne; scan by FWP, Sept. 2001

"Shah Jahan in durbar, in the raised balcony-type throne which reminded Roe of a player king in a London theatre:  by Bichitr, c. 1650."

*"Shah Jahan in durbar, holding a ruby in his right hand; 'chauri'-bearers stand on either side of him and an attendant before him holds a tray of jewels. On the left is prince Alamgir (Aurangzeb) who salutes his father. The location is the Diwan-i-Am at Delhi. Opaque watercolour, c.1650"* (BL)

*"Shah Jahan on the Peacock Throne at Delhi receiving deputations, from an eighteenth-century manuscript of 'Amal-i Salih, a history of Shah Jahan by Muhammad Salih Kanbu"* (BL)

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