"The Imperial Assembly of India at Delhi: the Viceregal Procession passing the Clock Tower and Delhi Institute in the Chandnee Chowk," Illustrated London News, 1877; with very large scans of *the left half* and *the right half*

Source: ebay, Sept. 2009

*The same scene in a quieter moment, in a photograph by Lala Deen Dayal, c.1880's*

Source: ebay, Aug. 2005

*"Clock tower, Delhi," a silver gelatin print, c.1900*

Source: ebay, Nov. 2007

"A street scene in the imperial City," a commercial photo by Jadu Kissen, acquired by a visitor in 1910

Source: ebay, May 2008

*"Clock Tower Chandni Chowk, Delhi," a professional photo, early 1900's*

Source: ebay, Aug. 2007

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