"Ixora [=Ishvara], an East Indian God," from 'Geschiedenis van alle wereldgodsdiensten', by William Hurd (Amsterdam, Martinus de Bruyn, 1781); also:

*"Quenevadi, son of Ixora"*
*"Presentation of a sick person to Ixora, an Indian god, to obtain a cure"*
*"The burning of an Indian woman with her dead husband"*
*"An Indian woman is buried alive with the dead body of her husband"*
*"Ceremony of the name-giving of a child, as used by the Banians, India"*
*"An Indian king paying tribute to the idol Numbo Jumbo" [in Ceylon]*

*"A Chinese idol, called Quantekong, representing their first emperor"*
*"Festival in honour of Confucius"*
*"Statue of Confucius, as shown in public schools"*

*"Amida, a Japanese god, and the way his worshippers drown themselves to honour him"*
*"The Amida of the Japanese"*
*"A Japanese preacher"*
*"Pagoda of Kamaetsma"*
*"Pagoda of monkeys"*
*"Ceremony of the trampling under foot of the crucifix, Nagasaki, Japan"*

*"Wedding ceremony of the Indians of Panama"*

Source: ebay, Feb. 2007

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