"A Malabar shewing tricks with Serpents,"
from Johannes Nieuhof, "Voyages and travels, into Brasil, and the East Indies: containing an exact description of the Dutch Brasil, and divers parts of the East-Indies; their provinces, cities, living creatures, and products; the manners, customs, habits, and religion of the inhabitants: with a most particular account of all the remarkable passages that happened during the author's stay of nine years in Brasil; especially, in relation to the revolt of the Portuguese, and the intestine war carried on there from 1640 to 1649. As also, a most ample description of the most famous city of Batavia, in the East-Indies," 1693; in an edition from 1703

Other copper engravings from Nieuhof's work:

**A Map of the Coast of Malabar Madura and Cormendel**

*A Malabar Man and Woman*

*A Malabar shewing tricks with Serpents* (shown above)

*The Taking of the City of Cotchin in Malabar*

*Coylang*; *The Queen of Coylang [receiving Nieuhof]*

*The City of Pellacata with its Castle*

*Saint Thomas, Coromandel*

*The Pearle Fishery near Tute Corin*; *a closer view*; *a detail* (with modern hand coloring); *the key*

*Goegys [jogis?] of Benjan, Saints*

*Coconuts, cinnamon, areca*

*A Mapp of Batavia with all its forts*; *a closer view*
*Governour's House within the Castle*; *a closer view*
*The Town House*; *a closer view*
*The New Gate*; *a closer view*
*The Church of the Cross of Batavia*; *a closer view*
*Spin House*; *a closer view*
*The Hospital for the City of Batavia*; *a closer view*
*The Slaughter House of Batavia*; *a closer view*
*Fish Market of Batavia*; *a closer view*
*The Tyger's Craft of Batavia*; *a closer view*
*The habit of a Melayan and his Wife at Batavia*
*A Melaya Captain*
*A Makasser with his Wife as they are habited at Batavia*
*Makasser Souldiers who blow poison'd darts out of Trunks*
*A Javanese Man and Woman*
*A Merchant of Java*
*Tymorean Souldiers*
*A Souldier of Amboina*
*A Negro Pedlar and his Wife*
*A Bougis of Bokjes*
*The Fort Ryswick*
*Clove Tree*

*Fruit and trees of Brasil: cashew, indigo*; *a closer view*
*Cocoa, chocolate*; *a closer view*
*A Mestice Woman*
*A Brazilian*
*Natives playing upon Calabasses*
*The habit of inland Brazilians*

Source: ebay, Aug. 2008

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