*A panorama in 12 folds showing the procession of the Emperor Bahadur Shah to celebrate the feast of the 'Id; a set of paintings by Mazhar Ali Khan, 1840's* (BL)

"From 'Reminiscences of Imperial Delhií, an album consisting of 89 folios containing approximately 130 paintings of views
of the Mughal and pre-Mughal monuments of Delhi, as well as other contemporary material, with an accompanying
manuscript text written by Sir Thomas Theophilus Metcalfe (1795-1853), the Governor-Generalís Agent at the imperial

[Elephants and horses with standards. Camel outriders letting off fireworks. Hounds and their keeper.]
Inscribed: His Majesty the King of Dehli proceeding in full State to the Eed-Gah or place of Sacrifice to celebrate the
Festival of the Eed ool Koorban or the Chief Sacrificial Festival. It is in commemoration of the intended sacrifice by
Abraham of his son Isaac [i.e. Ishmael]."

[More camel outriders with spears.  Elephants carrying the imperial standards.]
Inscribed: The Umbrella and several Insignia of Sovereignty.

[The pigeon basket on an elephant. The royal litters borne on men's shoulders. A cannon, horse and state elephant
accompanied by guards.]
Inscribed: The Pigeon House borne by an Elephant. The Flying of Pigeons constitutes a Royal pastime. The Royal Nalkee
or covered conveyance carried by men. Royal Guards.

[The Emperor Bahadur Shah (r.1837-58), in a howdah on an elephant, followed by two other elephants with empty
howdahs.  The heir-apparent is also in an elephant howdah.]
Inscribed:   The Emperor.  Heir Apparent Sons & Relatives.

[The Resident, staff and Commandant of the Escort in howdahs, with further elephants and horses. This part of the procession is similar to 'The British Resident riding in procession of Akbar II', c.1820 (Add.Or.888),
which shows the Resident Charles Metcalfe. In this view, Charles has been replaced by Thomas Metcalfe, who was not
the Resident but agent to the Governor General at Delhi, even though the inscription still says Resident. Behind Metcalfe,
the Nawab of Ferozpur and the other British officers in both views appear to be the same.]
Inscribed:   The Resident, Assistant & Commandant of Escort.

[A curtained Ďamari on an elephant.  A curtained rath. Cavalry.]
Inscribed:  The Queen Consort.  The Queen Mother.  Residentís Escort from Skinnerís Horse.

*"Chief of the Emperor's Guard, Delhi," a woodcut by Auguste Wahlen, 1843 (original hand coloring)*

Source: ebay, July 2001

"This image is a hand-coloured woodcut from "USAGES ET COSTMES de tous les PEUPLES DU MONDE..." by Auguste Wahlen, Brussels, 1823."

"Procession of the Grand Mogul of Delhi, Chief of the Indian Insurrection," from Ballou's Pictorial, 1857

Source: ebay, Dec. 2004

"A Mogul Trooper" (James S. Virtue Co., London, 1858)

Source: ebay, Sept. 2005

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