"A Native Lady of Hindoostan Receiving Her Visitors"

*"The Interior of an English Nursery in Bengal"*
*"Khansuma, or House Steward, Returned from Market"*
*"A Nautch Girl or Public Female Singer of India"*

"Hand-coloured engravings by Mrs. Belnos, from 'Manners in Bengal', London, 1832."

Source: ebay, Oct. 2004

*"The Brahmin's First Prayer to the Gooroo"*, plate 1, with a *caption*
*"Gungashtuk"*, plate 2, with a *caption*
*"Koorma"*, plate 3, with a *caption*
*"Hand Signs"*, plate 4, with a *caption*
*"Hand Signs"*, plate 5, with a *caption*
*"Pooruck Pranaiyam"*, plate 6, with a *caption*
*"Pranayama"*, plate 7, with a *caption*
*"Soorya"*, plate 8, with a *caption*
*"Gayatri Jup"*, plate 9, with a *caption*
*"Hand Signs"*, plate 10, with a *caption*
*"Gyan"*, plate 11, with a *caption*
*"Bhyragai"*, plate 12, with a *caption*
*"Religious Vessels"*, plate 13, with a *caption*
*"Religious Vessels"*, plate 14, with a *caption*
*"Pooja of Vishnoo"*, plate 15, with a *caption*
*"Pooja of Mahadeo"*, plate 16, with a *caption*
*"Shiva Pooja"*, plate 17, with a *caption*
*"Hand Signs"*, plate 18, with a *caption*
*"Hand Signs"*, plate 19, with a *caption*
*"Soorya Pooja"*, plate 20, with a *caption*
*"Pooja of Gunesh"*, plate 21, with a *caption*
*"Pooja of Hunooman"*, plate 22, with a *caption*
*"Punch Agnee"*, plate 23, with a *caption*
*"Marks Worn by the Brahmins"*, plate 24, with a *caption*

"From Mrs. S. C. Belnos's celebrated work "Sundhya," published in London, 1851."

Source: ebay, May 2005

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