"Karumba's House," an albumen photo dated 1862; of tribal women, probably in Madhya Pradesh

Source: ebay, June 2008 

Somewhere in South India; a photo from c. the 1870's

Source: ebay, July 2009

A Brahmin family, Bombay; photo by Taurines, c.1880

Source: ebay, Nov. 2009

"Group of Battias" (a Jat clan), a photo from c.1880's

Source: ebay, Dec. 2006

"Maharattas, Bombay," by the Taurines studio, c.1880s; also *"Brahmins"*

Source: ebay, Oct. 2007

An aristocratic family group, posing formally in an undated early photo

Source: ebay, May 2006

*A poor family outside their hut; an albumen photo, c.1880's*; *a pamphlet that printed it*

Source: ebay, Aug. 2007

A poor family, by Taurines, but with the caption faded; c.1880's; also *"Natives of Central India" (caption handwritten in the margin)*; also *"Tamil hut" (caption handwritten in the margin)*; also *a tribal family (?) in Malwa, c.1890's*

Source: ebay, Nov. 2007

*"Group of Thakurs or hill people," a photo by Cambridge, Bombay, c.1880's*

Source: ebay, Jan. 2010

"Group of Mahomedans," surely a family, c.1890's

Source: ebay, Nov. 2007

*A couple, probably from Bombay, in a studio portrait, 1890's*

Source: ebay, June 2007

*"Typical Himalayan woman at Skalin, India," a stereoscopic view, 1908*

Source: ebay, July 2008

"Hindu women," a photo from 1912

Source: ebay, Feb. 2008

*A landholder family in a formal photo, Mount Abu, 1919*

Source: ebay, Feb. 2010

*An aristocratically dressed couple in a studio portrait, c.1920's, probably from Bombay*

Source: ebay, June 2007

*An undated studio portrait of a very young couple, Calcutta*

Source: ebay, Dec. 2014

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