Maurice Merlin poses questions of relationships through time and space-- though contradictions can also be simply jumbled together and celebrated
Travel posters offer abstract and romantic visions of the classic elephant ride
Or there's the idyllic vision of simple rural life
Another idyllic vision: love stories enhanced by their exotic, romanticized setting
Rex Werner imagines a sort of extra-terrestrial temple (?) visited by faceless figures
Nancy Nash launches a tiger into the midst of Indian space
David Klein provides an elaborately festive folk-art elephant
Julie Ruff frames the subcontinent like a curtain within a scalloped arch
"Koringa, la Femme fakir," and other film visions
India, land of the snake charmer
India, land of the elephant
An astonishing swan-and-elephant (and snake) ashtray, designed by Salvador Dali for Air India
And there's always the swooningly (but dangerously) erotic dancing girl, in all her Orientalized glory
Classical dance traditions, now being revived and updated, are tourist attractions in their own right
For those with different appetites, there's India as the land of tea-- and silks
Some people will remember Parcheesi, the "Game of India"-- *the real game*
Can anyone ever do anything more than make a "zig-zag journey" to India?

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