Hanuman obtains an audience with Rama (Mandi Pahari school, c.1725): *ZOOM capabilities*

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"Hanuman's Audience with Rama, from an illustrated manuscript of the Ramayana, circa 1725. Opaque watercolor on paper, 188 x 301 mm."

"The Plot to Kill Bali," in a modern kalamkari version from Andhra Pradesh

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"The Plot to Kill Bali. Kalamkari Painting on Cotton.  2.5 ft x 1.5 ft. Sugriva was the son of Surya and the king of monkeys. Bali was the son of Indra and half brother of Sugriva. Rama and Lakshman entered into an alliance with Sugriva who promised to support Ram in his campaign against Ravana. In return Sugriva wanted Rama’s help in regaining his kingdom from his half-brother Bali who had usurped his throne and exiled him. Rama killed Bali and restored the throne to Sugriva."

Rama and Hanuman embrace: a popular scene, in two modern bazaar art versions

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