Section 18 == *more help*

18.1 = Sentence organizers

Being an old-fashioned grammar lover, I've always found that "sentence organizers" are indispensable in figuring out how to say complex things (and often even simple ones too). Here's my own basic tool kit, pulled together over the years. It leans toward Urdu, but most of these constructions will work fine on the Hindi side too. It's in English alphabetical order, for no particular reason.

aa;xir Finally
((aam :taur par / se Usually
agar yih , to vuh If this, then that
agarchih Although
aisaa lagtaa hai , jaise It seems as though
aisaa nah ho kih May it not be the case that
aisii ko))ii baat nahii;N No such thing!
aur kuchh Something else (versus kuchh aur , more of the same)
baat yih hai kih The thing is that...
bahar ;haal In any case,
balkih Rather; instead; on the contrary
bhale hii No matter if
chaahe yih chaahe vuh Whether this, or whether that
chaahe kitnaa hii No matter how much
chunaa;Nchih Accordingly
;Dar hai kih kahii;N yih nah ho jaa))e It is to be feared that this might happen
far.z kiyaa kih Suppose that
goyaa So to speak; as if
;haalaa;Nkih yih , magar phir bhii vuh Although this-- nevertheless that
har chand kih Although; however much
hii Especially; particularly; uniquely
ho saktaa hai kih It’s possible that
isliye Therefore
isliye kih Because, since
jab yih tab vuh When this, then that
jab bhii Whenever
jab kih Even though; while; despite the fact that
jab se Ever since
jab tak As long as
jahaa;N yih , vahaa;N vuh Where this, there that
jahaa;N bhii Wherever
jahaa;N tak kih As far as; to the extent that
jaise yih , vaise vuh In the way that this, in the same way that
jaise aap chaahe;N As you wish
jaise hii As soon as; the moment that
us / is jaise Like that/this one
jaane diijiye , jaane do Drop the subject; or: Let me pass through
jo bhii ho In any case
jo --- , vuh --- The one who... , that one ...
jyuu;N --- Like a
jyuu;Nhii As soon as
kaash kih Oh, if only... !
kahaa;N yih kahaa;N vuh How can this and that possibly be compared!
kaahe ko For what purpose?
ke ((alaavah In addition to
ke anusaar According to
ke baare me;N About, pertaining to
ke baavujuud Despite
ke badle me;N In return/revenge for
ke ba;Gair Without
ke / kii bajaa))e Instead of
ke baraabar Equal to; the same as
ke bar-;xilaaf Contrary to
ke binaa Without
ke hote hu))e bhii Despite the existence/presence of
ke kaaran Because of
ke li;haa:z se With regard to
ke liye For; in order to
ke maare 'Stricken by' (unfavorable)
ke muqaabile me;N In comparison to
ke mu:taabiq According to
ke prakaar In the manner of
ke saath Along with
ke samaan Equal to
ke sivaa In addition to; beyond
ke vaas:te For; with regard to
kih ... that ... [the all-purpose clause- and dialogue-introducer]
kii badaulat Thanks to (favorable)
kii jagah In place of
kii ;Tara;h In the manner/style of
kii vajah se Because of
kisii ;had tak To some extent
ko chho;R kar Leaving aside; except for
us ko kyaa puuchhnaa It/that is beyond all words
ko))ii baat nahii;N It’s nothing; think nothing of it
kyuu;Nkar How?
kyuu;Nkih Because
lagtaa hai kih It seems that
lekin But
ma((luum hotaa hai kih It appears that
maanaa kih Granted that; suppose that
magar But
meraa bas chaltaa to If it were in my power, then (contrafactual)
meraa bas chale to If it would be in my power, then (a future possibility)
merii balaa se What the hell do I care if... !
mere ;xiyaal se / me;N In my opinion
mumkin / naa-mumkin hai kih It's possible/impossible that
nah yih nah vuh Neither this nor that (sometimes the first nah is colloquially omitted)
nahii;N to Otherwise
na jaane No telling
par But
phir Again; then
phir bhii Nevertheless
us par About that,
us par bhii Despite that,
us se From that, with that, by means of that
us se kyaa ma:tlab What business is it of his/hers?
shaayad Perhaps
so Thus, therefore, accordingly
tabhii to For that reason, therefore
taa kih So that
to bhii Even then; nevertheless
to kyaa hu))aa So what?
ummiid hai kih It is to be hoped that
varnah Otherwise,
yaa yih yaa vuh Either this or that
ya((nii That is to say,
yahaa;N tak kih To such an extent that
yih bhii aur vuh bhii Both this and that
.zaruur Definitely




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