An informal festschrift in honor of
the manifold lifetime achievements of


Editor: Satyanarayana Hegde


*A 75th-birthday poem for SRF, from Fran*

*Shamsur Rahman Faruqi and his work*

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*"New Aesthetics in Eighteenth-century Brajbhasha: Emerging Individualism and a New Concept of Love in Anandghan's Poetry"* by *Imre Bangha*

*Jawabgo'i dar shi'r-i Ghalib* by *Owen Cornwall*

*"The Wonders of Words, or the Role of Khan-i Arzu's Navadir al-ulfaz in the Development of Urdu"* by *Arthur Dudney*

*"Azad ka aslub-e junun"* by *Asif Farrukhi*

*"Finitude and the Authorship of Fiction: Muhammad 'Awfi's Preface to his Chronicle Lubab al-albab (The Piths of Intellects)* by *Prashant Keshavmurthy*

*"A Handbook for Storytellers: the Tiraz ul-akhbar and the Qissa Genre"* by *Pasha Mohamad Khan*

*"sauda suluf: Urdu in the two versions of Sayyid Ahmad Khan's Asar us-sanadid"* by *David Lelyveld*

*"Urdu and the Madrasa in India"* by *Barbara D. Metcalf

*"Zay Khay Sheen, Aligarh's Purdah-Nashin Poet"* by *Gail Minault*

*"Danishwar ke iz'harat"* by *Nasir Abbas Nayyar*

*"The Gardens of Persian Poetics"* by *Natalia Prigarina*

*"A Garden of Kashmir: the Urdu Ghazals of Mir Muhammad Taqi Mir"* by *Frances W. Pritchett*
(this project is founded on SRF's work, and is dedicated to him)

*"Karachi men shadi ke ravayati git"* by *Zahra Sabri*

*"Lahore: The City of Dreadful Night"* by *Anna Suvorova*

*"The Indian Mushairah: Traditions and Modernity"* by *Ludmila Vasilyeva*

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