MUGHAL -- EARLY (c.1500-c.1605)
Two works by Sultan 'Ali Mashhadi, c. 1500, at the Met, with ZOOM capabilities
More examples from this period from *IRAN*
More examples from this period from *TURKEY*
A Quran from c.1517, probably North Indian, in muhaqqaq, thuluth, and naskh
The Metropolitan Museum's famous tughra of Sulaiman the Magnificent (r.1520-66): a *Met study site*
Quran from Iran, 1550; many HUGE gorgeous images of this remarkably beautiful work of art (each small image is a hyperlink)
A mid-1500's Quran, in naskh, attributed to Mirza Muhammad, probably from Mughal India or the Deccan
An illustrated Deccani manuscript, in naskh, of the Aja'ib ul-Makhluqat, c.1575
The work of Akbar's favorite calligrapher, Muhammad Husain Kashmiri "Zarrin-qalam"
Nasta'liq script (from an illustrated "Tutinamah" manuscript) as commissioned by Akbar, c.1580
More examples of nasta'liq from Akbar's time: two leaves of a "Shahnamah"
Miniature of the Mi'raj, c.1570, with nasta'liq text. From the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco; ZOOM capabilities
Qur'an from China, late 1500's to early 1600's, from the *Schoyen Collection*
An "archaic" Quran-leaf by Abdullah al-Khadim, 1616, India


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