A Mahâvâkya from the Atharvaveda

Mândûkya Upanisad 2

sarvam hy etad brahma, ayam âtmâ brahma, so 'yam âtmâ catuspât.

Olivelle (p. 289): "for this brahman is the Whole. Brahman is this self (âtman); that [brahman] is this self (âtman) consisting of four quarters."

Hume (p. 391): "For truly, everything here is Brahma; this self (âtman) is Brahma. This same self has four fourths."

Radhakrishnan (p. 695): "All this is, verily, Brahman. This self is Brahman. This same self has four quarters."

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Class notes for Religion W4620 (Nonduality in Indian and Tibetan Thought), Fall 2002.
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