Problem Set

Graphing Linear Functions



1. Graph the function


3x + 2y = -4

2y = -4 - 3x

y = -2 -1.5x


2. Graph the function 2x –y = -1


3. A copy shop can produce a course reader at a cost of $25 per copy. The monthly fixed costs are $10,000.

a. Determine the total monthly cost as a function of the number of copies produced.

b. Graph the total monthly cost function.


4. A chemical plant was found to be discharging toxic waste into a waterway. The state in which the chemical plant was located fined the company $125,000 plus $1,000 per day for each day on which the company continued to violate water pollution regulation.

a. Express the total fine as a function of the number of days in which the company remains in non-compliance.

b. Graph the relationship.