New Media and Development Communication: Fall 2008

"New Media and Development Communications" is a course created and led by Professor Anne Nelson in 2007 at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). This website represents the second year of the class, from the fall of 2008. Twenty-five students from many different countries researched the impact of new media -- both positive and negative -- in the developing world. They brought an extraordinary range of languages and professional experiences to their research (see below). Their web pages represent their individual perspectives, and not necessarily those of the instructor or Columbia University.

This site builds on the work of last year's class, which can be viewed at: http://www.columbia.edu/itc/sipa/nelson/newmediadev/home.html.

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New Media and Development Communication (Fall 2008):

Professor Anne Nelson
(Special thanks to Ben Colmery for editorial direction and Andrea Vivero for design.)

Class members, listed by Research Team and Countries of Origin/Education:

Human Rights:
Dana Alikhani (Iran/Cyprus)
Allon Bar
Eliza Bates (US)
Dawn Heske (US)
Camilla Karlsen (Denmark)
Rebecca Laks (US)

Online Adaptation:
Ben Colmery (US)
Chieh-Ting Huang (Taiwan)
Nicole Jackson (US)
Stephanie Lim (US)
Andrea Vivero (Ecuador)

Web 2.0
Ariel Naili Gu (China)
Oleksandr Ilchuk (Ukraine)
Kenneth Liow (SIngapore)
Regina Tan (Singapore)
Christina Tippman (US)
Shuyu Wang (Singapore)
Sarah Yap (US)

New Media, Security and Crime:
Isabel Creixell (Mexico)
Veronica Gurney (US, Russia)
Rebecca Heacock (US)
Lauren Klein (US)

Cognitive Issues:
Sarah Comer (US)
Haley Edwards (US)
Michelle Eames (Canada)