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Current Doctoral Students:
Ruizhe Jia (Industrial Engineering and Operations Research)
Former Doctoral Students:
Humoud Alsabah, Ph.D. 2020, Industrial Engineering, Columbia University
Thesis: Essay in Financial Technology and Networked Markets
First Position: Kuwait University, Industrial Engineering

Allen Cheng, Ph.D. 2017, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Columbia University
Thesis: Clearinghouse Default Resources: Theory and Empirical Analysis
First Position: Research Associate, AQR Capital Management.
Peng Chu Chen, Ph.D. 2016, Industrial Engineering, Purdue University
Thesis: Systemic Risk in Financial Networks
First Position: Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Post-Doctoral and Research Associates:
Zhaoyu Zhang: Data Driven Algorithms for Risk Preference Estimation
Sveinn Olafsson Project: Personalized Robo-Advising
Benjamin Bernard Project: Bail-in and Bailout Policies in Financial Networks
Hongzhong Zhang Project: Market Microstructure, Competition, and Inventory Costs
Matt Stern Project: Human-Machine Interaction Systems with Applications to Robo-Advising
Marko Weber Projects: Liquidity Management and Strategic Portfolio Systemic Allocations