Tropical Cyclone Web Links

**= sites we really like! (But try the others too.)

Fun Hurricane Games to Play

University of Wisconsin hurricane simulator** applet that makes track & intensity changes based on adjustable start point, sea surface temperature, and location of Bermuda high pressure zone. This one is especially good!
NOAA hurricane simulator A little cruder than the Wisconsin one but has sound effects!
National Geographic "Forces of Nature"A few informational panels and a toy model where you can set up conditions and genesis site to launch your own storm track. Also has tornados, volcanos, earthquakes, global warming...
FEMA kids' hurricane page Educational site for young kids made by FEMA. Mostly information, a few little interactive games.
Miami Museum of ScienceVarious educational web pages and a few interactive activities for kids.

Hurricane Science Facts

NOAA hurricane FAQ From the Hurricane Research Division of the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, Miami.
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Hurricane FAQ UCAR hurricane FAQ-type page.
NASA hurricane pageAnother FAQ-type informational page.

Real Live Hurricane Data

NOAA Coastal Services Center** NOAA site with several extremely cool interactive tools to look at historical hurricane tracks, landfalls at particular sites vs. population, etc. for any US location.
CIRA, Colorado State University** Current and historical tracks, intensities, satellite and radar images, etc. from the entire globe - great site for the true hurricane geek.
National Hurricane Center Part of the National Weather Service - these are the people who really have the job of watching what is out there and making the forecasts for the rest of us.
University of Hawaii Cyclone track page - tracks for current tropical cyclones. Also has historical tracks for individual years (can't do multiple years at once).
University of Wisconsin site has lots of satellite images.
Movie of 2005 Season From NASA, shows sea surface temperature (in color) and clouds.

NYC and Hurricanes

NYC hurricane evacuation zones From NYC Office of Emergency Management, find out if you live in a hurricane evaculation zone in NYC.
1938 hurricane site Site about the 1938 major Hurricane that hit Long Island and New England, and NYC/Long Island risk in general. By Prof. Scott Mandia, Suffolk County Community College.
Another 1938 hurricane site
Another 1938 site, with scans from an old booklet published about it containing photos.
TS Hanna (went right over NYC at Tropical Storm strength in 2008) radar loop, Weather Underground
TS Hanna (2008) enhanced IR satellite loop from CIRA, Colorado State University

Hurricane Posters

Made by me (Adam Sobel), containing basic facts about hurricanes.
Poster 1 Containing general information and facts about hurricanes, Q&A format
Poster 2 More general information, and then some information specific to NYC.

Web page put together by Adam Sobel, Columbia University, for the 2010 Science Fair expo at The School at Columbia University; thanks to Emmi Yonekura, Sol Hsiang, Hamish Ramsay, Marla Schwartz.