Adam Sobel

Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Columbia University

How to contact me

Some recent media appearances about hurricane Sandy and other recent extreme events.
Upcoming public appearances - panels, public lectures etc.
Blog about the Madden-Julian oscillation (MJO) and the DYNAMO field campaign.
Tropical cyclone links A web page full of internet resources about tropical cyclones: real data and images, educational games for kids, etc. Somewhat New York - centric.


Spring 2014:
Applied Math II/Partial Differential Equations (APMA 3102)

Previous years:
Hurricane Sandy - Science, Impacts, Response (EESC G9910)
Tropical Meteorology (EESC G6928)
Climate Thermodynamics and Energy Transfer (EESC 4040)
Physics of Fluids (APPH E4200)
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (APPH E4210)
Partial Differential Equations (APMA 4200)
Mathematical Earth Sciences Seminar (EESC G9810/APMA G9810)

Research Interests

Atmospheric and climate dynamics, tropical meteorology.

Columbia links:
SEAS Colloquium in Climate Science, 2:45 PM Thursdays, 214 Mudd.
OCP Seminar 2012-13, 11 AM Fridays, Comer Seminar Room.
Applied Mathematics Colloquium, 2:45pm Tuesdays, 214 Mudd.
Lamont Events Calendar (includes various colloquia)
GISS Seminar