Preparing for the classes


The plan is to have three (more)? 90-minute class sessions a week apart. Content will be mostly me droning on about the stuff in these notes with participants doing some live Python/Django coding on their laptops if time permits. Some of the material here may be too basic or the opposite so it’s hard to estimate how much time it will take. We may refer to some stuff and then skip ahead. Anything not done in class should be done as homework. We can always add on more sessions if we need to. For CUIT staff, you can always ask questions on Slack channel #python-dev

Level-setting survey

  • How many will bring laptops that have dev environment set up
  • Have Pycharm installed and licensed (not required; Pycharm CE works fine too.)
  • git
    • CLI tools installed
    • access to gitlab/github
    • have successfully created own personal repo for the class
  • level of familiarity with: XML, JSON, SOAP/WSDL, HTTP, REST, SQL database procedures & triggers, git, pycharm, Python Objects, Django, …