Burak Firik's Website

Visionary. Innovative. Dynamic. Passionate. Possesses the talent to shake up the status-quo. Uses above-the-bar talent to solve the world’s problems. If you are assuming that I’m describing myself, you assume wrong. Instead, I’m describing the company that I intend to work for one day. You see, my name is Burak Firik and I am Turkish. I grew up on a poor farm in rural Turkey, where my parents had hopes that I would break out of the poor agricultural stigma in which my ancestors entrenched themselves. They encouraged me to become accomplished by getting an education and choosing a career that they considered to be successful… perhaps owning a business, or becoming a banker or an accountant. Little did they know that I like to dream BIG. I had a completely different, radical vision of success for myself. From an early age, I knew that I had a sharp mind and an innate ability to problem-solve. While I understood that my parents wanted their son to carry on their proud heritage and live comfortably, my own plan was so much bigger than that. I wanted to do great things and change the world. From the very second my hand touched a computer keyboard and my eyes looked into a monitor, I knew my destiny.

In my homeland, some of our family and friends make a good living by becoming merchants or working in a local business. In New York, there are literally hundreds of thousands of possible career choices, from the creative lights on Broadway to suits and ties on Wall Street. Me? I set my sights at the very top. I’ve always known without a doubt that I had the mind and skill to blaze a new trail in a world of computer science and technology that my Turkish ancestors couldn’t even fathom. My passion lies in R&D: conducting research that will create breakthroughs in technology… developing new systems, software and hardware that will change lives… and creating by innovating. That is what I was born to do.