About me

I am Baradwaj, an Electrical engineering graduate student at Columbia University in NY. I work with Prof. Peter Kinget in CISL and my dissertation focusses on the design of ultra low power RF transceiver chipsets.

I obtained my Bachelors degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras ( IIT Madras ) and my Masters degree from Columbia University in 2008 and 2010 respectively.

My undergraduate thesis was under the guidance of Prof. Shanthi Pavan , who has been my mentor and a source of inspiration since my undergraduate years.

Research interests

Broadly speaking, Analog / RF Integrated Circuit design.
Ultra Wide Band radio, despite its waning appeal for high data rate applications, appears to be a promising alternative for ultra low power, low fidelity data transfer. Spanning across circuit level innovations to system design up to the MAC layer, this forms the primary focus of my Ph D.
As we move towards digital intensive Systems-on-Chip, Analog/RF circuits bridging the divide between the real world and digital domains are becoming the bottleneck. Prof. Kinget's webpage on "Why Analog?" explains this better. Falling under this class of topics, oversampled data converters with specific attention to scaling supply voltages also interest me a lot.

Contact Information

  • Email: baradwajv_AT_cisl_DOT_columbia_DOT_edu
  • Phone: +1-917-545-0779
  • Address:
    1312 S. W. Mudd building,
    500 West, 120th street,
    Columbia University,
    New York, NY, 10027.
  • More about myself

    My other interests extend to photography, cooking, religion and exploring open source software. Feel free to browse through the links at the top of this page for more.

    I hail from the temple town of Tirupati in India though I spent most of my pre-adult life in various small towns in the state of Andhra Pradesh and four years in Chennai(Madras) during my undergraduate years.

    I live in NY currently, arguably the best city to live in, as any New Yorker would attest to :) Over the past few summers, I have lived in Austin and Dallas forming an infrangible attachment with the state of Texas.