This is the page for posting information about the homeworks and projects for the EE6312 course offered by Prof. Peter Kinget . I am Baradwaj, the teaching assistant for this course and you can mail me at


Homework 1 - Due 10th February

This homework covers the basics of transistor operation - regions of inversion, saturation, triode etc. It will introduce you to some features of the simulator.

Homework 2 - Due 13th February

Solutions to Homework 2

This homework introduces you to AC simulation and commonly adopted design techniques. It is aimed at developing some intuition into circuit design, specifically IC design methodologies

Homework 3 - Due 8th March

Solutions to Homework 3

This homework introduces you to another method of analysing feedback networks and also aims to help you understand how various bias points are set in an opamp circuit.

Project - Due 3rd May