List of Conference Deadlines and Journal Links

This post keeps track of the set of conference deadlines for the current and upcoming year that my students and I usually submit to. It also has a list of journals that we usually submit to, along with links to editorial boards and editorial statements.

2024 Deadlines

Conf name       Deadline       Abstract deadline CFP Location
IJCAI Jan 17 Jan 10 IJCAI CFP Jeju, South Kora
ICML Feb 1 no ICML CFP Vienna
EC Feb 12 Feb 5 EC CFP Yale, New Haven

2023 Paper Submission Deadlines

Conf name       Deadline       Abstract deadline CFP
IJCAI Jan 18 Jan 10
ICML Jan 26
EC Jan 27 Jan 20
KDD Feb 2
NeurIPS May 17 May 11
WINE July 7 WINE website
AAAI Aug 15 Aug 8
ICLR Sept 28 Sept 21
AAMAS Oct 9 Oct 2
WWW Oct 12 Oct 5
AISTATS Oct 13 Oct 6


Usually we submit to the following journals:

Christian Kroer
Christian Kroer
Assistant Professor