David E. Weinstein
Carl S. Shoup Professor of the Japanese Economy, Columbia University
Associate Director for Research, Center on Japanese Economy and Business

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Email: dew35@columbia.edu

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                                                                                                             David E. Weinstein


                                                                                                                Curriculum Vitae

                                                                                                                (November 2015)

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Dept. of Economics

Columbia University

420 W. 118th Street, MC 3308

New York, NY 10027


E-MAIL:                                 dew35@columbia.edu


TELEPHONE/FAX:              (212) 854-5524 / (212) 854-8059


CITIZENSHIP:                     United States of America



Carl Sumner Shoup Professor of the Japanese Economy, Columbia University (1999- )


Director for Research, Center for Japanese Economy and Business, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University (2001- )


Co-Director of the Japan Project and Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research (2000- , Faculty Research Fellow 1997-1999)


Member, Federal Economic Statistics Advisory Committee (2015-


Member, Council on Foreign Relations (2002-


EDUCATION:                       Ph.D., Economics, The University of Michigan, 1991

M.A., Economics, The University of Michigan, 1988

B.A., Economics, Yale University, 1985


SPECIALIZATION:             Research Interests: Japanese Economy, International Trade, Corporate Finance, Industrial Policy        

                                                Teaching Interests: International Economics, Japanese Economy



Bank of International Settlements Research Fellowship 2014

“Prices in Space and Time” National Science Foundation, (Grant SES-1127493, 2011-14)

Google Research Award, “Internet Prices and Price Indexes” (2011)

Institute for New Economic Thinking Grant, “In Search of the Financial Accelerator” 2010

Editorial Board Journal of Economic Structures 2011-

Editorial Board Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 2010-

Editorial Advisory Council of the Pacific Economic Review 2008-

 “Geography, Trade, and Prices,” National Science Foundation Grant SES-0820536, with Christian Broda (2008-2011)

Editorial Board: Spatial Economic Analysis 2006-

“The Impact of New Varieties on Domestic and International Prices,” National Science Foundation Grant, with Christian Broda (2005-2008)

Keynote Speaker, Regional Science Association Meetings, 2003

“A New Approach to Bilateral Trade Patterns and Balances,” National Science Foundation Grant SES-0214378, with Donald Davis (2002-2005)

Associate Editor, Journal of International Economics (1999-2005)

American Advisory Committee, The Japan Foundation (1998-2002)

“Why Do Countries Trade? Analytical and Empirical Inquiries,” National Science Foundation Grant SBR-9810180, with Donald Davis (1998-2001)

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship 2000

Nominated for Best Teaching at BBA level, 1999

NTT Fellowship, 1997-1998

Editor, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 1997-2005 (Associate Editor 1996-1997)

Editorial Council, Review of International Economics, 1997-

Nomura Kikin (Nomura Fund Fellowship), 1996

Nihon Shoken Kenkyu Shorai Zaidan (Japan Securities Research Promotion Foundation Fellowship), 1996

Social Science Research Council Japan Advanced Research Grant, 1995/6

Zengin Foundation for Finance and Economics Fellowship, 1993

Abe Fellowship, 1992-1993

Japan Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, 1990

The University of Michigan:


John E. Parker Memorial Prize in Labor Economics, 1991

Rackham Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, 1990-91

Committee for Japanese Economic Studies Fellowship, 1988-89

University Fellowship, Winter Term, 1989

Regents Fellowship, 1986-1988


Yale University:

Distinction in Economics

Cum Laude




            Chair, Department of Economics, Columbia University (2012-2015)


Executive Director, Program for Economic Research, Department of Economics, Columbia University (2009-2012)


            Vice-Chair, Department of Economics, Columbia (2003-7)


            Consultant, The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (2006)


            Consultant, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York (1999-2000, 2003-5, 2008)


Visiting Scholar, European Institute for Japanese Studies, Stockholm School of Economics, Summer 2003


Senior Economist, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York (2002-2003)


Consultant, Federal Reserve Bank Board of Governors (2000, 2004)


Sanford R. Robertson Associate Professor of Business Administration (1998-1999)

Associate Professor of International Business (1996-9) Research Professor in Japanese Business (1996-9), The University of Michigan Business School


Associate Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Harvard University (1995-7, Assistant since 1991)


Visiting Scholar, Institute for Fiscal and Monetary Studies. The Ministry of Finance, Japan.  (Summer 1995)


Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo (1992-1993).


Research Fellow, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Research Institute of International Trade and Industry (MITI/RI), Japan.  Summer 1987, Summer 1988, March-September 1990.


Junior Economist, Council of Economic Advisors. 1989-1990.


Sales Coordinator, Sony Corporation (Japan).  June 1985-June 1986.  





Hamada, Koichi, Anil K. Kashyap, and David E. Weinstein eds., Japan’s Bubble, Deflation, and Long-Term Stagnation, MIT Press 2010. Research Supported by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan


Prices, Poverty, and Inequality, with Christian Broda. Washington: AEI Press 2008. Research supported by the American Enterprise Institute.


Ito, Takatoshi, Hugh T. Patrick, and David E. Weinstein, eds. Reviving Japan’s Economy: Problems and Prescriptions, Cambridge: MIT Press, 2005. Translated into Japanese as Posuto Heisei Fukyo no Nihon Keizai: Seisaku Shiko Apurochi ni Yoru Bunseki, Nihon Keizai Shippunsha, 2005.





“Quantifying the Sources of Firm Heterogeneity,” with Colin Hottman and Stephen Redding, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, forthcoming.


“Globalization, Markups, and U.S. Welfare,” with Robert C. Feenstra, The Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming.


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Working Paper 8971, June 2002. [Featured in “A Price Worth Paying?” Economics Focus section, The Economist, May 30, 2002.]




Honoraria Received

            Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry

            Cabinet Office, the Government of Japan

            Bank of Japan