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Menge Lab People

DM picture
Duncan Menge
Assistant Professor

Research and teaching interests: Ecosystem ecology, theoretical ecology, biogeochemistry, evolutionary ecology, global change science, plain old ecology.  CV

Contact: dm2972[at]columbia[dot]edu, (212) 854-6889
DM pictureAmelia Wolf
Postdoctoral scholar

Research interests: My research program blends plant community and ecosystem ecology with conservation biology to understand how human-driven perturbations interact with environmental variability to affect plant communities and ecosystem processes.  Within this framework, I am especially interested in exploring the mechanistic underpinnings of species interactions, their effects on resource distribution, and how these individual-level interactions affect ecosystem processes at broader scales.  Most of my work focuses on examining multi-faceted aspects of positive species interactions, from tightly coupl
ed mutualisms to indirect complementarity between species.  CV, website
BT picture Ben Taylor
Ph.D. student

Research interests:
My research interests surround the environmental conditions that influence plant growth and how plants, in return, can influence those environmental conditions.  Plant strategies for obtaining belowground resources may change under varying environmental conditions such as human land use and increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide.  My research aims at understanding how individual plant processes of fine root uptake and symbiotic nitrogen fixation serve to couple global cycles of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and water in an increasingly human-dominated world.  CV, website
TB picTom Bytnerowicz
Ph.D. student

Research interests: My research interests generally fall into the categories of biogeochemistry and plant community ecology. They include the effects of nitrogen fixers on ecosystems, the cycling of nutrients through ecosystems, competition between plant species, and the interactions between plant species and their environments.  CV
AQ picAndrew Quebbeman
Ph.D. student

Research interests: I am generally interested in the relationship between soil microbial and plant communities within the context of biogeochemical cycles.  This includes spatial patterns of association between plants and soil microbes, functional differences between soil microbial communities, and the role of aboveground-belowground interactions in biogeochemical processes.  
Placeholder picSian Kou-Giesbrecht
Ph.D. student

Research interests:
My research interests are ecosystem ecology, ecosystem theory, and global change. Specifically, I'm interested in how nitrogen-fixing trees promote both carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissinos, and their net cooling vs. warming effect under increasing nitrogen deposition and climate change.  CV
Placeholder picAnika Petach
Ph.D. student

Research interests: My research interests are in ecosystem ecology, specifically regarding soil nutrient availability and distribution. I hope to work on soil microbial processes, biofertilizers, and spatial modeling of nutrient distributions to better understand ecosystem conservation and land reclamation practices.  Website
AH picAlex Huddell
Ph.D. student

Research interests: My research explores biogeochemistry and ecosystem ecology in agricultural systems.  I'm interested in optimizing the use of nitrogen to maximize ecosystem services such as food production, nutrient cycling, and carbon storage, while minimizing the associated ecological and environmental costs of unwanted nutrient export such as eutrophication, greenhouse gas production, and biodiversity loss.  CV
PA picPalani Akana
Ph.D. student

Research interests: I study how nutrient dynamics within ecosystems transform, and are transformed by, the biotic structure and functioning of ecosystems. I am particularly interested in connecting ecological processes at different spatial scales, for example how the physiological processes of nutrient acquisition and use by individual plants relate to ecosystem-scale measures of productivity, diversity, and community composition. CV
Emily Jager
M.A. student

Research interests:
RA picRachel Arkebauer
Lab/field technician

Research interests: I enjoy periodically growing and killing plants as science dictates, fixing things that are broken, and learning about ecology.
Placeholder picMegan Wilcots
Placeholder picEmily Utset
Placeholder picEleanor Pressman
Placeholder picConnor Moore
Placeholder picElsie Platzer
Placeholder picPlaceholder picLab alumni

MA students
Wenying (Eleen) Liao, currently PhD student at Princeton

Technicians, Visiting students
, Interns, Post-Bacs, Undergrads
Kealohanuiopuna Kinney (V), PhD, currently at USFS in Hawaii
Elizabeth Min (I), currently PhD student at Columbia (DEES)
Franklin Román-Rodríguez (I), currently MA student at UPR Mayagüez
Emily Stuchiner (I), currently PhD student at Colorado State
Ashley Rector (I), currently undergrad at Ohio State
Alex Huddell (PB), currently PhD student at Columbia (E3B)
Kaye Shek (T)
Andrés Salazar (T)
Taylor Hains (U), currently MA student at Fordham
Emily Fratz (U)
Kayley You-Mak (U)
Richard Li (U)
Anna Kaplan (U)
John Hao (U)

Menge Lab, E3B department, Columbia University
, (212) 854-6889
10th floor, Schermerhorn Extension
1200 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY, 10027

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