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Menge Lab People

DM picture
Duncan Menge
Assistant Professor, E3B

Research and teaching interests: Ecosystem ecology, theoretical ecology, biogeochemistry, evolutionary ecology, global change science, complex systems science, plain old ecology.  CV

Contact: dm2972[at]columbia[dot]edu, (212) 854-6889
BT picture Ben Taylor
Ph.D. student, E3B

Research interests: My research interests surround the environ- mental conditions that influence plant growth and how plants, in return, can influence those environmental conditions.  My pre- vious work has focused on applying plant nutrient acquisition via fine root foraging strategies and mycorrhizal fungi associations to ecosystem-level cycling of carbon and nitrogen.  CV, website
EL pic Wenying Liao (Eleen)
M.A. student, E3B

Research interests: Interactions among plants, their associated organisms, and abiotic processes, and how these affect nitrogen cycling in terrestrial ecosystems.  One focus of my research is the nitrogen paradox in temperate vs. tropical forests: I am investigating several possible explanations of the paradox, including the vertical nitrostat model and biological fixation strategies.  CV
, website
AQ picAndrew Quebbeman
Lab technician
EL picElizabeth Min
Research intern
FRR picFranklin Roman-Rodriguez
Summer research intern, University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez
ES picEmily Stuchiner
Summer research intern, Grinnell College
Lab alumniVisiting students
Kealohanuiopuna Kinney

Taylor Hains

Menge Lab, E3B department, Columbia University
, (212) 854-6889
10th floor, Schermerhorn Extension
1200 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY, 10027

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