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Lisa and Bernard Selz Professor in Pre-Columbian Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University, 1997 present.

Professor, Columbia University, 1986-1997.

Associate Professor with tenure, Columbia University, 1983-1995.

Visiting Professor and Arts Council Chair, University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Art, Design and Art History, Spring Semester, 1983.

Assistant Professor, Columbia University, 1971-1982.

Instructor, Columbia University, 1968-70.

Classes Offered (P Previously, C Currently)

Pre-Columbian Art History and Architecture (C)
Art Humanities (P)
Primitive Art (P)

Mesoamerican Art and Architecture (C)
Andean Art and Architecture (C)
Mesoamerican Architecture (C) (C)
Multiple Modernities (C), Team taught course originated by me in 2006.
Contemporary Nonwestern art in a global context - I give the theoretical overview

Chichen Itza and its Sacred Well (C)
The Construction of Andean Art (C)
The Literature of Pre-Columbian Art (C)
The Classical and the Exotic:
19th Century Discovery of Ancient Monuments (C)
Aztec Art and Sacrifice (C)
Modern Art Outside the West (P)
Indigenous Art / Western Collector (Folk and Tourist Art) (P)
Proseminar (Methods and Theory) (P)
Shamanism and the Arts of Asia and the Americas (C)
The Mesoamerican Ball Game (P)
The Arts of Teotihuacan (P)
Pre-Columbian Architecture and City Planning (C)
Maya Art (C)
Postclasssic Sculpture in Mexico (P)
South American Indian Art (P)
Quetzalcoatl (P)
Erotic Themes in Pre-Columbian Art (P)
The Function of Art in tribes, Chiefdoms and States (P)
Art and the Imitation of Nature (P)
Inca Art (P)
Mesoamerican Goddesses (P)
Sacrifice: Theory and Representation (P)
Theories of Evolution of Art (P)

Lisa and Bernard Selz Professor
in Pre-Columbian Art History
and Archaeology

Department of Art History
and Archaeology
814 Schermerhorn Hall

Columbia University
in the City of New York

(212) 854-5681