Bronx NY Bainbridge Avenue Shopping Area 1994

The Bainbridge Avenue / 204th Street shopping area as it looked in 1994; poster by Jim Roldan and the 204th Street & Bainbridge Avenue Merchants Association. See additional commentary below the image. Click the image to enlarge it.
Bainbridge poster from 1994

The buildings and streets are basically unchanged since 1994 but the character of the neighborhood is completely different. In 1994 it was predominantly Irish (as can be seen by the proliferation of Irish businesses) with some Italian and Russian and Jewish. Now (2020) it is a diverse mix of Puerto Rican, Dominican, African-American, West Indian, Garifuna, Bangladeshi, Yemeni, Albanian, Mexican and Central American, and Chinese families. Only a few of the businesses shown here still exist, notably Sal's Pizza, Eddie's Delicatessen, Foodtown, Chemical Bank (now Chase), and McDonald's.