An Armed Forces Network 16-inch record (and some others)

American forces in Germany 1940s-1960s: records.
Different size phonograph records
To scale: a 16-inch 33rpm AFN record; a 12-inch 78rpm Vdisk; a 12-inch 33rpm LP; a 10-inch 78rpm record; a 7-inch 45rpm record with adapter.
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AFN record compared with an LP

afnrecord-1920 both-1920 iwanttolive bothcovered-1920 iwtlfront-1746 iwtlback-1920

Other records

record-78-vdisc record-78-baker record-78-cccp record-45-angelbaby record-45-shirelles record-45-husar

1943 V-Disc jam session

cover p117 p118 p119 p120 p122 p124

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