Arlington survey maps 1943 - Photo #2 - Small bit of Hall's Hill

Plat Book Plate 10; click the Enlarge button to magnify. This shows the area from N.Columbus Street to N.Wakefield Street, and from N.26th Street to Lee Highway. At the far left is a triangular bit of the northern part of Hall's Hill, identified on the map as Cottage Park; you can see how it fits in with the rest of Hall's Hill here. The black line along the right edge of Cottage Park is the Wall.

Another interesting part (for me) is next the triangle. My grandmother's house is the yellow one on a relatively large lot at the northwest corner of 23rd Street and Glebe Road. It's a Sears house assembled in 1940, and it's still there although the back yard has been sold off. I lived in that house as an infant in 1945-46. Two blocks to the left, at the northeast corner of North 23rd and Columbus Streets is the location of the house we moved to in 1956, but the house shown on the map is a different house, since ours was built in 1948 and wasn't situated diagonally.

To see how closely the 1943 map corresponds to "modern times", I checked all the houses on N.Columbus Street and a random sample of other houses in the area enclosed by Columbus Street, Lee Highway, Glebe Road, and 26th Street, and found that:

  • All the houses on the west side of Columbus street (where the wall is) were built in 1947 and 1948, except a few obviously new ones.
  • Of the houses on the east side of Columbus street, the five closest to Lee Highway were built in 1948, the next ten were built in 1942, and the ones between N.24th St and N.26th Street are either new or were built between 1936 and 1940.
  • Of the randomly sampled houses on 22nd St, 22nd Rd, 23rd St, 24th Rd, 26th St, Burlington St, Buchanan Street, and Glebe Road, two were built in 1939, two in 1940, one in 1941, two in 1942, three in 1947, two in 1948, one in 1955, and three in 2004 or later.
  • Of the 60 houses examined, none were built before 1936, nine were built in 1936-39, seven in 1940, one in 1941, twelve in 1942, eight in 1947, fourteen in 1948, and all the rest in 1955 or later. So 28 of the houses I looked at are in the image above and 33 of them (53% of the sample) were built after 1943, when the plats were created, replacing houses that are shown in the plat.
Thus (to satisfy my own curiosity) none of our neighbors on the west side of Columbus Street in 1956-62 had any part in building the Wall, which was completed in 1940.