Platenstraße-Ginnheim-etc 2005 photos by Beni Calchera

In September 2005, Frankfurt resident Beni (Beniamino) Calchera happened on my old Frankfurt photo site and made a trip to Platenstraße and Ginnheim to photograph their new looks, and sent me the photos. I made an extremely primitive gallery of them, and there it sat for 15+ years. Here it is again, product of a much-improved Photogallery utility. In Beni's words (24 September 2005):
I found your site about your time in Frankfurt yesterday whilst looking for pictures of Frankfurt after WW2 and got just what I looked for. Since I've never really been to Ginnheim and I thought you might be interested as well, I went there and took some pictures of the area as it is today. As you can see, the house you lived in at Raimundstraße got a new roof and a new floor, the trolleyline was removed and the empty space across the street houses a Pizza restaurant and a garage.

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