da Cruz family photo CD v.2

Frank da Cruz
December 2002
Version 3: February 2018
This is a collection of 1593 family photos, most of them from 1977 to 1987, but a few before and a few after. Most of the originals are slides, which last for decades so the quality is high. Others are snapshots, which tend to fade or discolor over time and don't scan as nicely. They are gathered chronologically into 138 groups, listed below.

I copied about 20% of all my slides and pictures onto this CD. The ones I didn't copy were either like the ones I did copy but not as good, or were awful pictures. In some cases I included bad pictures anyway because they were the only ones I had of certain people or occasions. Most of what happened since 1977 is here but with a few exceptions because I just do not have those pictures; perhaps they were left behind in the move. For example, rolls and rolls are missing from ECCC, baseball games, and some of the graduations.

Version 2 has the same pictures and text but is organized more simply, with all files in one single directory. When you are viewing a sub-page you can go forward by clicking the right-pointing triangle, or by simply clicking the image. You can view this gallery on any device, from a wide-screen computer to a cell phone. Each sub-page has an Enlarge button that lets you see the original image. Version 2 was produced with my own software, Photogallery, which was written in the Kermit scripting language (which I also created). The result is a collection of 100% standard HTML5 documents together with their JPG images. Version 3 is the same as version 2 but with much better scaling of the images to the size of the viewing window.

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1943: Granpa


1944: My Mom and Dad's wedding picture


1951: Where I grew up in Virginia

From the age of 2, I lived Chesterbrook, Virginia, in a little group of houses built for returning veterans buying homes on the GI Bill. These houses were surrounded by forests and old farms, but within 20 years all traces of rural Virginia had vanished. Chesterbrook wasn't really a town, but there was a school (for white kids), two churches right next to each other (one for white people, one for black people), an old-fashioned general store, and a gas station. The nearest actual town was McLean, which had a supermarket, a feed store, and two gas stations. The farms in the area were both black and white, so despite official segregration in school and church, black and white kids played together and the farm families knew and helped each other out.
ac01 ac02 ac03 ac04
My grandfather and uncle Pete in 1951, when Pete visited him in Colorado Springs.
ad01 ad02

1952: My Grandmother


1967: Judy


1968: Me as a Columbia student


1972: My Mom and Frank Rider

My Mom and Frank Rider in 1972, shortly after they first got together.

1974: 103rd Street

Judy and I lived at 308 West 103rd Street from 1969 to 1976.
ai01 ai02 ai03 ai04 ai05 ai06 ai07 ai08 ai09 ai10 ai11

1974: Mama Lori and Floyd


1975: Europe

Our delayed honeymoon in Europe in summer 1975.
ak01 ak02 ak03 ak04 ak05 ak06 ak07 ak08 ak09 ak10 ak11 ak12 ak13 ak14 ak15 ak16 ak17

1975: Christmas at Adee Avenue

Christmas at the Scotts' at 1245 Adee Avenue in the Bronx.
al01 al02 al03 al04 al05

1976: My brother Dennis in California

In 1976 we went to California to see my mom and brother; I hadn't seen them since 1962 or 63.
am01 am02

1976: Christine and Henry's wedding

an01 an02

1976: (and 1977) Waiting for Peter (118th Street)

We moved from our 1-bedroom apartment on 103rd Street to a bigger place on 419 West 118th Street in 1976 to have room for little ones.
ao01 ao02 ao03 ao04 ao05 ao06 ao07 ao08 ao09 ao10

1977: Peter is born

ap01 ap02 ap03 ap04 ap05 ap06 ap07 ap08 ap09 ap10 ap11 ap12 ap13 ap14 ap15 ap16 ap17

1977: Peter comes home

aq01 aq02 aq03 aq04 aq05 aq06 aq07 aq08 aq09 aq10 aq11 aq12 aq13 aq14 aq15 aq16 aq17 aq18 aq19 aq20 aq21 aq22 aq23 aq24 aq25 aq26 aq27 aq28 aq29 aq30 aq31 aq32 aq33 aq34

1977: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 1977 at Christine and Henry's house in Hastings on Hudson, NY, at 118th Street, and at Peacock Park (the churchyard at St John the Divine).
ar01 ar02 ar03 ar04 ar05 ar06 ar07 ar08 ar09 ar10 ar11 ar12 ar13 ar14 ar15 ar16

1977: 118th Street, November

as01 as02 as03 as04 as05

1977: Christmas

at01 at02 at03 at04 at05 at06 at07 at08 at09 at10 at11 at12

1978: 118th Street, winter

au01 au02 au03 au04 au05 au06 au07 au08 au09 au10 au11 au12 au13 au14 au15

1978: Long Beach, California, Dennis in hospital

In February 1978 my brother Dennis discovered that what he thought was a bad case of indigestion was cancer, and went in the hospital and had surgery right away to try to remove it. We flew out to be with him.
av01 av02 av03 av04 av05 av06 av07 av08 av09 av10 av11 av12 av13 av14 av15 av16 av17 av18 av19 av20 av21 av22 av23 av24 av25 av26 av27 av28 av29 av30 av31 av32 av33 av34 av35 av36 av37 av38 av39 av40 av41 av42 av43 av44 av45 av46

1978: 118th Street, Peter & Jude

aw01 aw02 aw03 aw04 aw05 aw06 aw07 aw08

1978: Father's Day, Hastings (great aunts & uncles, etc)

A big gap in my photos is all the huge Scott/Wilson extended family get-togethers. I once had millions of photos of these occasions but now I have only one roll, from Father's Day, 1978, at Christine and Henry's house in Hastings on Hudson.
ax01 ax02 ax03 ax04 ax05 ax06 ax07 ax08 ax09 ax10 ax11

1978: 118th Street, Uncle Pete

My uncle Pete (real name Daniel da Cruz), who is my father's brother, visited us in June 1978.
ay01 ay02 ay03

1978: 118th Street, Judy runs, Peter stands

az01 az02 az03 az04 az05 az06 az07 az08 az09

1978: Around the neighborhood

Pictures in the apartment and neighborhood, July 1978.
ba01 ba02 ba03 ba04 ba05 ba06 ba07 ba08 ba09

1978: Kinapic

Our first trip to Kinapic, a little bunch of cottages on the shore of Lake Kezar near Lovell, Maine, owned by Henry's family -- his dad, Irving Deutsch and his mom Marion, his sister Eugenia and her husband Bernie, and Henry himself and Christine. I'm not sure exactly what the business arrangements were, but anyway we went up there almost every summer for 2-3 weeks for 10 years. Our first trip was was in July 1978, when Peter was 9 months old.
bb01 bb02 bb03 bb04 bb05 bb06 bb07 bb08 bb09 bb10 bb11 bb12 bb13 bb14 bb15 bb16 bb17 bb18 bb19 bb20 bb21 bb22 bb23 bb24 bb25 bb26 bb27 bb28 bb29 bb30 bb31 bb32 bb33 bb34 bb35 bb36

1978: Vermont: Peter at construction site

After Kinapic we visited Peter and Jude in Burlington, Vermont, and tagged along to Peter's construction site (in those days he had his own business building houses).
bc01 bc02 bc03 bc04 bc05 bc06 bc07

1978: Burlington VT, Abernethy's, Pearl Street

Visiting Peter and Jude, who lived in a 5th-floor walkup in the Abernethy department store building on Pearl and Church Streets in Burlington. Their apartment was on the top floor and had turrets, secret rooms, huge rooms full of centry-old department store junk like cast-iron wood stoves, and a ladder up to the roof where you could watch Northern lights at night. Since Abernethy's was the tallest building in Burlington then (besides the church) you could also fly kites from the roof; they would sail out over the town.
bd01 bd02 bd03 bd04 bd05 bd06 bd07 bd08 bd09 bd10 bd11 bd12 bd13 bd14 bd15 bd16 bd17

1978: Peter's 1st birthday

Peter's first birthday, October 7th, 1978, at 118th Street.
be01 be02 be03 be04 be05 be06 be07 be08 be09 be10 be11 be12 be13

1978: Christmas)

bf01 bf02

1979: Peter meets Emily

Peter meets Emily, January 1979.
bg01 bg02 bg03 bg04

1979: Peter@Home

At home, February 1979.
bh01 bh02 bh03 bh04 bh05 bh06 bh07

1979: David is born

First cousin David is born, February 1979.
bi01 bi02 bi03 bi04 bi05

1979: 118th Street, Adee Avenue

At 118th Street and Adee Avenue, April 1979.
bj01 bj02 bj03 bj04 bj05 bj06 bj07

1979: At Willie Netter's

At Willie Netter's, June 1979. I think Willie Netter is Sylvia's husband. Sylvia and Pearl are the daughters of Mama Lori's big sister Lou, therefore Grandma's first cousins. Willie and Sylvia had a daughter Phyllis, who had a daughter Sharon. Unfortunately I can't find pictures of any of them except Sharon. I once saw Willie sit down at the piano and play just like Teddy Wilson or Art Tatum.
bk01 bk02 bk03 bk04 bk05 bk06 bk07 bk08

1979: Peter at the study window

At home, June 1979.
bl01 bl02 bl03

1979: Kinapic

bm01 bm02 bm03 bm04 bm05 bm06 bm07 bm08 bm09 bm10 bm11 bm12 bm13 bm14 bm15 bm16 bm17 bm18 bm19 bm20 bm21 bm22 bm23 bm24 bm25 bm26 bm27 bm28

1979: Vermont

August 1979. From Kinapic, we drove across New Hampshire to Vermont to visit Peter and Jude in their new house outside Starksboro. We also visited Peter's brother Donnie in Marshfield.
bn01 bn02 bn03 bn04 bn05 bn06 bn07 bn08 bn09 bn10 bn11 bn12 bn13 bn14 bn15 bn16 bn17 bn18 bn19 bn20 bn21 bn22 bn23 bn24 bn25 bn26 bn27 bn28 bn29

1979: East Campus construction

In Fall 1979 we could watch out our window as the apartment buildings at 118th and Morningside were demolished and then the East Campus dormitory was built.
bo01 bo02 bo03 bo04 bo05 bo06 bo07 bo08 bo09

1979: Peter's first day of Baby School

bp01 bp02 bp03 bp04

1979: Peter and Emily in Central Park

Kathy and I take Emily and Peter to the boat pond in Central Park.
bq01 bq02 bq03 bq04 bq05

1979: Peter's 2nd birthday, Gang of 4

br01 br02 br03 br04 br05 br06 br07 br08 br09 br10

1979: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at Christine and Henry's house, Hastings on Hudson (before they moved to Dobbs Ferry), November 1979.
bs01 bs02 bs03 bs04 bs05 bs06 bs07 bs08 bs09 bs10 bs11 bs12 bs13 bs14 bs15 bs16 bs17 bs18 bs19 bs20

1979: At home

Peter at home, November 1979.
bt01 bt02 bt03 bt04 bt05

1979: Morningside Park

Morningside Park, November 1979.
bu01 bu02 bu03 bu04 bu05 bu06

1979: Christmas

bv01 bv02 bv03 bv04 bv05 bv06 bv07 bv08 bv09 bv10 bv11 bv12 bv13 bv14 bv15 bv16 bv17 bv18 bv19 bv20 bv21 bv22 bv23

1980: 118th Street, January

bw01 bw02 bw03 bw04 bw05 bw06 bw07 bw08

1980: 118th Street, April

118th Street, April 1980. Judy 7-8 months pregnant with Amy.
bx01 bx02 bx03 bx04 bx05 bx06

1980: The day before Amy

by01 by02 by03 by04 by05 by06

1980: Amy's debut (needs to be organized)

Amy is born! May 26, 1980.
bz01 bz02 bz03 bz04 bz05 bz06 bz07 bz08 bz09 bz10 bz11 bz12 bz13 bz14 bz15 bz16 bz17 bz18 bz19 bz20 bz21 bz22 bz23 bz24 bz25 bz26 bz27 bz28 bz29 bz30 bz31 bz32 bz33 bz34 bz35 bz36 bz37 bz38 bz39 bz40 bz41 bz42 bz43 bz44 bz45

1980: Amy comes home

Amy's debut, cont'd...
ca01 ca02 ca03 ca04 ca05 ca06 ca07 ca08 ca09 ca10 ca11 ca12 ca13 ca14 ca15 ca16 ca17 ca18 ca19 ca20

1980: Gang of 4 in Princeton

Gang Of Four at Jennifer's new house in Princeton.
cb01 cb02 cb03 cb04

1980: Big Bear, California

Bringing Amy to Big Bear, California, to meet Grandma Vivian and Frank Rider, August 1980.
cc01 cc02 cc03 cc04 cc05 cc06 cc07 cc08 cc09 cc10 cc11 cc12 cc13 cc14 cc15 cc16 cc17 cc18 cc19 cc20 cc21 cc22 cc23 cc24 cc25 cc26 cc27 cc28 cc29 cc30 cc31 cc32 cc33 cc34 cc35 cc36 cc37 cc38 cc39 cc40 cc41

1980: Disneyland

Disneyland, Anaheim, California, August 1980.
cd01 cd02 cd03 cd04 cd05 cd06 cd07 cd08 cd09 cd10

1980: Peter's 3rd birthday

ce01 ce02 ce03 ce04 ce05 ce06 ce07 ce08 ce09 ce10 ce11 ce12 ce13

1980: Jennifer's birthday party, Princeton NJ

cf01 cf02 cf03 cf04 cf05 cf06 cf07 cf08

1980: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 1980, Christine and Henry's house, Hastings on Hudson.
cg01 cg02 cg03 cg04 cg05 cg06 cg07 cg08 cg09

1980: Christmas

ch01 ch02 ch03 ch04 ch05 ch06 ch07 ch08 ch09 ch10 ch11 ch12 ch13 ch14 ch15 ch16 ch17 ch18 ch19 ch20 ch21 ch22

1981: 118th Street, March

ci01 ci02 ci03 ci04 ci05 ci06

1981: Tompkins Hall

Tompkins Hall Nursery School, April 1981.
cj01 cj02 cj03 cj04 cj05 cj06 cj07 cj08

1981: Amy's 1st birthday

ck01 ck02 ck03 ck04 ck05 ck06 ck07 ck07a ck08 ck09 ck10 ck11 ck12

1981: Kinapic

cl01 cl02 cl03 cl04 cl05 cl06 cl07 cl08 cl09 cl10 cl11 cl12 cl13 cl14 cl15 cl16 cl17 cl18 cl19 cl20 cl21 cl22 cl23 cl24 cl25 cl26

1981: Vermont

Vermont, August 1981.
cm01 cm02 cm03 cm04 cm05 cm06 cm07 cm08 cm09 cm10

1981: Amy goes to Baby School

cn01 cn02 cn03 cn04 cn05

1981: Peter's 4th birthday

co01 co02 co03 co04 co05 co06 co07 co08 co09 co10 co11 co12 co13 co14

1981: Judy's and Peter's races, Van Cortland Park

cp01 cp02 cp03 cp04 cp05 cp06 cp07 cp08 cp09 cp10 cp11 cp12 cp13

1981: Christmas

cq01 cq02 cq03 cq04 cq05 cq06 cq07 cq08 cq09 cq10 cq11 cq12 cq13 cq14 cq15 cq16

1982: Easter

cr01 cr02 cr03 cr04 cr05 cr06 cr07

1982: Tompkins Hall

Tompkins Hall, May 1982.
cs01 cs02 cs03 cs04 cs05 cs06 cs07 cs08 cs09

1982: Tompkins Hall Picnic

ct01 ct02 ct03 ct04 ct05 ct06 ct07

1982: Amy's 2nd birthday

Amy's 2nd birthday, May 1982, at Adee Avenue.
cu01 cu02 cu03 cu04 cu05 cu06

1982: Amy's 2nd birthday

Amy's 2nd birthday, 118th Street.
cv01 cv02 cv03 cv04

1982: Judy's mini-marathon, Central Park

cw01 cw02 cw03 cw04 cw05 cw06

1982: Kinapic

cx01 cx02 cx03 cx04 cx05 cx06 cx07 cx08 cx09 cx10 cx11 cx12 cx13 cx14 cx15 cx16 cx17 cx18 cx19 cx20 cx21 cx22 cx23 cx24 cx25 cx26 cx27 cx28 cx29 cx30 cx31 cx32 cx33 cx34 cx35 cx36 cx37 cx38 cx39 cx40 cx41 cx42 cx43 cx44 cx45 cx46 cx47 cx48 cx49 cx50 cx51 cx52

1982: Vermont

Vermont 1982, Hannah is born.
cy01 cy02 cy03 cy04 cy05 cy06 cy07 cy08 cy09 cy10 cy11 cy12 cy13 cy14 cy15 cy16 cy17 cy18 cy19 cy20 cy21 cy22 cy23

1982: Stephanie and Jennifer

Visiting Stephanie and Jennifer at their summer place in Tunxas, Connecticut.
cz01 cz02 cz03 cz04

1982: Peter's 5th birthday party

da01 da02 da03 da04 da05 da06 da07 da08 da09 da10 da11 da12

1982: Halloween

db01 db02

1982: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 1982 at Christine and Henry's house, as always.
dc01 dc02 dc03 dc04 dc05 dc06 dc07 dc08 dc09

1982: Christmas

dd01 dd02 dd03 dd04 dd05 dd06 dd07 dd08 dd09 dd10 dd11 dd12 dd13 dd14 dd15 dd16 dd17 dd18 dd19 dd20

1982: Amy's Own Greenhouse School

de01 de02 de03 de04 de05 de06

1983: Blizzard of '83

df01 df02 df03 df04 df05 df06 df07

1983: 118th St, May

dg01 dg02 dg03 dg04 dg05

1983: At Christine and Henry's house, May

dh01 dh02 dh03 dh04 dh05 dh06

1983: Peter's campus costume party

di01 di02 di03 di04 di05 di06 di07

1983: Peter in Kindergarten

Peter goes to Kindergarten.
dj01 dj02 dj03 dj04 dj05 dj06 dj07 dj08 dj09 dj10 dj11 dj12 dj13 dj14 dj15 dj16 dj17

1983: Storyland

dk01 dk02 dk03 dk04 dk05 dk06 dk07 dk08

1983: Kinapic

dl01 dl02 dl03 dl04 dl05 dl06 dl07 dl08 dl09 dl10 dl11 dl12 dl13 dl14 dl15 dl16 dl17 dl18 dl19 dl20 dl21 dl22 dl23

1983: Vermont

dm01 dm02 dm03 dm04 dm05 dm06 dm07 dm08 dm09 dm10 dm11 dm12 dm13 dm14 dm15 dm16 dm17 dm18 dm19 dm20 dm21 dm22 dm23 dm24 dm25 dm26 dm27 dm28

1983: ACT soccer league

ACT soccer league at St John the Divine, August 1983.
dn01 dn02 dn03 dn04 dn05 dn06 dn07

1983: Teatown

Teatown, September 1983, and Peter's 6th birthday, October.
do01 do02 do03 do04 do05 do06 do07 do08 do09 do10 do11 do12 do13

1983: Peter's 6th birthday

Peter's 6th birthday, cont'd.
dp01 dp02 dp03 dp04

1983: 118th Street, October

Around the house, October 1983.
dq01 dq02 dq03 dq04 dq05 dq06 dq07 dq08 dq09

1983: Peter playing soccer in Riverside Park

dr01 dr02 dr03

1984: Amy's 4th birthday

ds01 ds02 ds03 ds04 ds05 ds06 ds07 ds08 ds09 ds10 ds11 ds12

1984: Judy's string quartet


1984: Amy and Peter on campus

Peter and Amy flying on campus, May 1984.
du01 du02

1984: Pow-wow at Bear Mountain

dv01 dv02

1984: Kinapic

dw01 dw02 dw03 dw04 dw05 dw06 dw07 dw08 dw09 dw10 dw11 dw12 dw13 dw14 dw15 dw16 dw17 dw18 dw19 dw20 dw21 dw22 dw23 dw24 dw25 dw26 dw27 dw28 dw29 dw30 dw31

1984: Cape Cod

dx01 dx02 dx03 dx04 dx05 dx06 dx07 dx08 dx09 dx10 dx11 dx12 dx13

1984: Vermont

dy01 dy02 dy03 dy04 dy05 dy06 dy07 dy08 dy09 dy10 dy11

1984: Peter's nonstop 24-hour 7th birthday party

dz01 dz02 dz03 dz04 dz05 dz06 dz07 dz08 dz09 dz10 dz11 dz12 dz13 dz14 dz15 dz16 dz17 dz18 dz19

1984: Amy's dance class

ea01 ea02 ea03 ea04

1984: Christmas

eb01 eb02 eb03 eb04 eb05 eb06 eb07 eb08 eb09 eb10 eb11 eb12 eb13 eb14 eb15 eb16 eb17 eb18 eb19 eb20 eb21 eb22 eb23

1985: Amy's 5th bday

ec01 ec02 ec03 ec04 ec05 ec06 ec07 ec08 ec09 ec10 ec11 ec12 ec13 ec14 ec15 ec16 ec17 ec18 ec19 ec20 ec21 ec22 ec23 ec24 ec25 ec26 ec27

1985: Kinapic

ed01 ed02 ed03 ed04 ed05 ed06 ed07 ed08 ed09 ed10 ed11 ed12 ed13 ed14 ed15 ed16 ed17 ed18 ed19 ed20 ed21 ed21a ed22 ed23 ed24 ed25 ed26 ed27 ed28 ed29 ed30 ed31 ed32 ed33 ed34 ed35 ed36

1985: Vermont

ee01 ee02 ee03 ee04 ee05 ee06 ee07 ee08 ee09 ee10 ee11 ee12 ee13 ee14 ee15 ee16 ee17 ee18 ee19 ee20 ee21 ee22 ee23 ee24

1985: Eskins

The Eskins, Ballston Spa, New York.

1985: Christmas

eg01 eg02 eg03 eg04 eg05 eg06 eg07 eg08 eg09 eg10 eg11 eg12 eg13 eg14

1986: Peter's second head gash

eh01 eh02 eh03

1986: Amy and Peter in daddy's office

ei01 ei02 ei03 ei04 ei05 ei06 ei07

1986: Easter at Big Bear

ej01 ej02 ej03 ej04 ej05 ej06 ej07 ej08 ej09 ej10 ej11 ej12 ej13 ej14 ej15 ej16

1986: Camping in California

ek01 ek02 ek03 ek04 ek05 ek06 ek07 ek08 ek09 ek10 ek11 ek12 ek13 ek14 ek15 ek16

1986: Sharks vs Bobcats, May 10, Riverside Park

el01 el02 el03 el04 el05 el06 el07 el08 el09 el10 el11 el12 el13 el14

1986: Amy's 6th birthday party

Amy's 6th birthday party, Barnard campus, May 1986.
em01 em02 em03 em04 em05 em06 em07 em08 em09 em10 em11 em12 em13 em14 em15 em16 em17

1986: Kinapic

Kinapic and Bath, Maine, August 1986.
en01 en02 en03 en04 en05 en06 en07 en08 en09 en10 en11 en12 en13 en14 en15 en16 en17 en18 en19 en20 en21 en22

1986: Rural Quebec and Vermont

eo01 eo02 eo03 eo04 eo05 eo06 eo07 eo08 eo09 eo10 eo11 eo12 eo13 eo14 eo15 eo16 eo17 eo18 eo19 eo20 eo21 eo22 eo23 eo24 eo25 eo26 eo27 eo28 eo29 eo30 eo31 eo32 eo33

1986: Peter's 9th birthday

ep01 ep02 ep03 ep04 ep05 ep06 ep07

1986: Amy's dance party

eq01 eq02 eq03 eq04 eq05 eq06 eq07 eq08

1986: Christmas

er01 er02 er03 er04 er05 er06 er07 er08 er09 er10 er11

1987: Barbie gets a shampoo

es01 es02 es03 es04 es05 es06 es07 es08

1987: Vermont, Montreal, Eskins

et01 et02 et03 et04 et05

1987: Amy's 7th birthday

eu01 eu02 eu03 eu04 eu05 eu06 eu07 eu08 eu09 eu10 eu11

1987: Amy: The Raiders, The Swimming Bunnies, The Wild Horses

ev01 ev02 ev03

1988: Peter: Wildcats

ew01 ew02

1988: Peter's PS 87 graduation

ex01 ex02

1989: Peter's 12th birthday (Jarod, Clark, Patrick)


1990: Northern California Coast, Oregon

ez01 ez02 ez03 ez03a ez04 ez05 ez06 ez07 ez08 ez09 ez10 ez10a ez11 ez12 ez13 ez14 ez15

1991: Plays: The Bells Are Ringing, South Pacific, Annie, ...

fa01 fa02 fa03 fa04 fa05 fa06 fa07 fa08 fa09 fa10

1991: Amy's PS 87 graduation

fb01 fb02 fb03 fb04

1994: Misquamicut, Rhode Island

fc01 fc02 fc03 fc04 fc05 fc06 fc07 fc08 fc09

1995: Peter's PAL award

Peter's NYPD award, 1995.
fd01 fd02

199x: Amy's soccer

Amy's soccer, different years.
fe01 fe02 fe03 fe04 fe05 fe06 fe07 fe08

199x: ECCC

ff01 ff02 ff03 ff04 ff05 ff06 ff07

199x: Vermont trips

Vermont trips, 1990s.
fg01 fg02 fg03 fg04 fg05 fg06 fg07 fg08 fg09 fg10 fg11 fg12 fg13 fg14 fg15 fg16 fg17 fg18 fg19 fg20 fg21

199x: Miscellaneous pics from 1990s

Random pics from the 1990s.
fh01 fh02 fh03 fh04 fh05 fh06 fh07 fh08 fh09 fh10

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