Frankfurt/Main Aerial and Historical Views - Photo #51 - Frankfurt/Main bombing and ruins

Photo:  Armin Schmid, Frankfurt im Feuersturm, Verlag Frankfurter Bücher (1965).

Ein Bombenräumkommando in der Kölner Straße, 1943 / A bomb-disposal unit on Kölner Straße in Gallus, about 1.4 miles southwest of the Farben building and 1km west of the Bahnhof. Bombs are still being discovered well into the 21st Century, like the 4000-pound blockbuster encountered during demolition of the former Frankfurt Teen Club / Ambassador Arms buildings across the street from Frankfurt High School in 2017 (the area was being converted into faculty housing for the Goethe University campus that now occupies the old I.G. Farben complex).