Frankfurt/Main Aerial and Historical Views - Photo #43 - Frankfurt/Main bombing and ruins

Photo:  Armin Schmid, Frankfurt im Feuersturm, Verlag Frankfurter Bücher (1965).

Haus Fürsteneck Site of Haus Fürsteneck 1945 Roseneck, im Hintergrunt Haus Fürsteneck / The Roseneck burning with Haus Fürsteneck in the background.

The first inset shows Haus Fürsteneck in 1905 with the Dom in the background. It was built about 1362 on the Judengasse, site of the Jewish quarter that had been wiped out in the Pogrom of 1349. The second inset shows the location of the ruin after the bombing. Both from Wikipedia; click to enlarge.