Frankfurt/Main Aerial and Historical Views - Photo #59 - Frankfurt/Main bombing and ruins

Photo:  Armin Schmid, Frankfurt im Feuersturm, Verlag Frankfurter Bücher (1965).

Obdachlose mit ihrer geretteten Habe am Fleischerbrunnen. Blick in Richtung Goldhutgasse. / Homeless people with their rescued belongings at the Fleischer Well at Fünffingerplätzchen (Five-Finger Square) near the Römerberg (Frankfurt town square), looking towards Goldhutgasse. On the fountain you can see a message in chalk, giving the new address of a bombed-out family (Familie Heinrich Mahr, Ffm-Sindlingen, [looks like] Florstadtstrasse). And another forwarding address to its left, hard to make out. Here's the same view before the bombing:


Photo:  Wikimedia Commons