Frankfurt/Main Aerial and Historical Views - Photo #61 - Frankfurt/Main bombing and ruins

Photo:  Armin Schmid, Frankfurt im Feuersturm, Verlag Frankfurter Bücher (1965).

Zeil 91-95 Ecke Hasengasse. Nach den notdürftigsten Aufräumungsarbeiten geht das Leben der Stadt weiter / 91-95 Zeil at the corner of Hasengasse. After the necessary rubble clearance, city life continues. Die Zeil is one of the main commercial streets of Frankfurt; as I remember it from the early 1960s, lined with office buildings and big German department stores. Now at least this part of it is a pedestrian mall with all the typical ubiquitious retail chains (Foot Locker, Vodafone, H&M, Mango, McDonalds...).