Frankfurt/Main Aerial and Historical Views - Photo #18 - Frankfurt/Main aerial views and maps 1944-2022

Frankfurt 2019, Google Aerial View, looking a bit more north. High school athletic field at bottom, HiCoG above it, and then towards the upper left, the Platenstraße housing area, still intact after all these years, just above the grass-and-earth strip and to the right of the curving road, bisected by Platenstraße itself. At far left, a colony of those little weekend gardening allotments — Kleingärten, Schrebergärten — so popular in Germany; I'm glad to see they still have them. Not shown here, but I believe that the Hügel and/or Von Steuben housing areas are also still standing, beyond Raimundstraße... rows of long three-story buildings separated by alternating parking lots and "back yards", like Platenstraße. You can look for yourself in Google Maps.