Frankfurt a/M 1958 photos by Col. Clarence E. Read

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Photos by: Colonel Clarence E. Read (1903-1988)
Contributed by:  Jamie K. Rau (his granddaughter) [Facebook]
Captions by: Frank da Cruz
Gallery created:   28 March 2022

Colonel Read
In March of 2022, Jamie Rau con­trib­uted these color slides taken in 1958 by her grandfather, Colonel Clarence E. Read, when Jamie was eight years old. Col. Read lived in one of the twelve Generals' houses that were on Siolistra├če across from Frankfurt High School, with family including his wife Margaret, his daughter Donna, and Donna's daughter Jamie. Col. Read was stationed in Frankfurt 1955-58 and — like my father and Pam's father — worked in the IG Farben building. Coincidentally, he was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois, just like Pam's father. They might have known each other, but we'll never know. Click the first image to enter the gallery and see larger versions of each photo and read the captions.
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Generals Quarters

generalshouse1 generalshouse2 generalshouse3 generalshouse4

IG Farben Building

igfarben3 igfarben4 igfarben5 igfarben1 igfarben2 igfarben6 igfarben7 igfarben8 igfarben9

Eschenheimer Turm

eschenheimerturm1 eschenheimerturm2


palmengarten1 palmengarten6 palmengarten2 palmengarten3 palmengarten5 palmengarten4

Downtown Frankfurt

...before it was dominated by glass-and-steel skyscrapters.
dom downtown15 downtown16 downtown14 downtown17 downtown09 downtown08 downtown18 downtown06 downtown03 downtown04 downtown05 downtown10 downtown01 downtown11


countryside1 countryside2



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