Robert Paul photos 1960-62

Family photos from Germany (mostly Frankfurt) 1960-62 sent in by Robert C. Paul, who lived in the HiCoG housing area (Carl Schurz Siedlung) with his family and attended Frankfurt American Elementary School #1. The photos are by Bob himself and by his father, Robert H. Paul, Inspector-in-Charge, Office of the Inspector General, with the United States International Cooperation Administration and then the United States Agency for International Development, US Consulate Frankfurt. The black-and-white ones are by the son; the color ones by the father unless the father is in them. More about the Pauls in the Berlin 1961-62 Gallery (scroll to bottom to read the text).
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Frankfurt, Germany: HiCoG and Platenstrasse

hicog1960b hicog1960a hicog1960c hicog1960d hicog1961a hicog1961b hicog1961c hicog1961d hicog1961h hicog1961i hicog1961j hicog1961k hicog1961m hicogopel hicog1962a hicog1962b fes1960 fes1962

Downtown Frankfurt

roemer1962a roemer1962b roemer1962c dom1962 fasching1961a fasching1961b fasching1961c

Christmas 1961 at Rhein-Main AFB and Wiesbaden

xmas1961a xmas1961b xmas1961c xmas1961d

Bavaria September/November 1961

koenigsee bavariamisc1 bavariamisc2 bavariamisc3 bavariamisc4

Bavaria September/November 1961: Berchtesgaden and Obersalzberg

berchtesgadenmap-1600 bavariamisc5 bavariamisc9 bavariamisc7 bavariamisc8 bavariamisc6 saltmines hauszumtuerken1 hauszumtuerken2 obersalzberg3 obersalzberg4 obersalzberg5 eaglesnest5 eaglesnest6 eaglesnest2 eaglesnest3 eaglesnest4 eaglesnest

Bavaria November 1961: Dachau

dachau1 dachau14 dachau2 dachau3 dachau4 dachau5 dachau6 dachau7 dachau8 dachau9 dachau10 dachau11 dachau12 dachau13 dachau15

Flying home 1962

flyinghome1 flyinghome2 flyinghome3

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