My Grandmother Gus

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Photos from Gus's and Dad's photo albums

gus230 gus100 gus110 gus120 gus130 gus140 gus150 gus160 gus200 gus210 gus215 gus220 gus240 gus250 gus260 gus270 gus300 gus310 gus320 gus325 gus330 petedennismegus1953 gusandmischa1954

Photos sent by Lina 11 June 2022

1941-01-31 gus+tiger+statue gus-swimsuit-ducks gus+umbrella me+gus gus+dennis+me pug+puppies bay gus-cabins gus+who

Photos sent by Lina 24 January 2023

These are from one of Uncle Pete's photo albums that his wife Leila has at her apartment in Beirut. Their daughter, my cousine Lina, photographed them with her cell phone on a recent visit.
besshouse house-in-background gusbackyardwide frontyard-with-pugs gus-wheelbarrow onsofawithpugs with-pugs3 with-pugs4 with-cat with-pugs5

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