Lund family - Photo #41

Ella Lund in 1968. Sandy (Zeke's daughter) says, "Notice the hole in Ella's neck... Earl (another Alcoholic) hit a parked car while drunk and sent Ella crashing into the car's dash crushing her larynx... pretty traumatic for her (this was probably 1968). She always had anxiety anyway. None of us liked Earl. We called him "Earl the Squirrel"... I think he felt guilty every time he looked at her [so] he quit coming around. Pretty sad. Outside of managing apartments, Ella briefly worked at the phone company. Polly got them all started... she was a sweetheart. After that dad put her on his payroll to give her money to live on plus social security and I think Polly took care of her as well. Ella was sweet. She never drove a car and didn't get out much unless with Family. I know she visited Pug and Ruth, Polly and our family. She was always with us during the holidays and her birthday and lots of times in between... whenever she wanted to come out. She only lived 1/2 hour away. She went back to Minnesota to take care of Hannah during her last days."