The Lunds of Minneota

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Frank da Cruz and Sandy (Lund) Stout
3 September 2018
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My grandmother Hannah Johnson maried my grandfather Carl Lund in Winchester, Wisconsin, in 1902 and they had 12 children, of whom 10 survived past infancy, including my mother Vivian and Sandy's father Marvin (Zeke). Both Hannah and Carl were children of Norwegian immigrants; the couple lived in different parts of Minnesota and North Dakota but by 1920 they had settled in Minneota, Minnesota (population about 1300), where Hanna's family lived. Many of these photos were found on Sandy's pages; others are from my Mom's scrapbook; still others are by me. Thanks to cousin Sandy for her years of work in digging up 99% of the information on my mother's family that I was ignorant of before now. Thanks also to Cherri Schmig at the Minneota Mascot, Allyson Breyfogle and Jeremy Frie at the Minneota public school, and writer Dana Yost for other photos and/or information. Photo captions by me with a lot of help from Sandy.

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More Lunds photos (October 2018)

Photos discovered in October 2018 by Sandy Lund Stout, sent to me for scanning. This section is supposed to be in chronological order.
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Hannah was born in Minneota, Minnesota, in 1883. She married Carl Lund in Winchester, Wisconsin (where Carl's parents lived), in 1902. The table summarizes the places we know about where the family lived from Carl's birth until Hannah's death. Sometimes the census will say Nordland or Eidsvold instead of Minneota; these are the adjoining townships in Lyon County. Similarly for Underwood and Maine in Otter Tail county.

Year Town State Event
1869 Winchester WI Carl born
1883 Minneota MN Hannah born
1900 Norldand MN Census
1902 Winchester WI Hannah and Carl married
1903 Minneota MN Polly born
1904 Minneota MN Mabel born
1906 Streeter ND Clarence born
1909 Streeter ND Zeke born
1914 Underwood MN Ella born
1918 Underwood MN Raymond born
1919 Underwood MN Gislie born
1920 Underwood MN Census
1922 Minneota MN Vivian born
1924 Minneota MN Doris born
1925 Minneota MN Shirley born
1930 Minneota MN Census
1936 Long Beach CA Carl dies (but nobody knows)
1940 Minneota MN Census
1954 Minneota MN Hannah's death
The 1900 census shows John Johnson, his wife Martina, and 11 children including Hannah living in a house in Nordland. John is listed as a farmer; Bernard, Stener, Andrew, and Joseph are listed as farm laborers, and Annie is listed as a housekeeper.

The 1910 census lists Karl [sic], Hana [sic], Palma, Mabel, Clarens [sic], and Marvin as living in Miller School District (i.e. Streeter), Logan County, North Dakota, with Karl as a farmer, and all as English speakers.

The 1920 census lists Carl N. Lund living with Hannah, Mabel, Clarence, Marvin, Ella, Raymond, and Gislie in Maine, Ottertail County, Minnesota, with Carl as a farmer. They probably lived in Underwood.

The 1930 census lists Hannah Lund living in Minneota Village of Eidsvold Township, Minnesota, with Ella, Raymond, Gisley, Vivian, Doris, and Shirley. No radio set. House rented for $10 per month. Hannah's occupation is listed as "None", Ella's as "Servant". Carl is gone.

The 1940 cenus shows Hannah, Vivian, Doris, and Shirley living in Hannah's house and says that the house is rented, and also says they had been living in the same house since at least 1935 and the rent is $10. Vivian's occupation is listed as theater cashier (this was in April; by early June she was on her way to California).

Carl and Hannah were living in Streeter ND in 1909 probably to help his mother Betsey out because Carl's father Peter had just died.

All of Hannah and Carl's children left for California as soon as they could, except Doris and Shirley.

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