Lund family - Photo #123 - Minneota

In July 2018 I contacted the Principal of Minneota Public School, Jeremy Frie, to find out where the school had been in 1940 and perhaps also to find out the address of the Lund house. He referred me Allyson Breyfogle, who works with him and grew up in the area. She found that school records showed Mom's address as simply "Minneota, Minnesota" — not surprisingly, since it's a very small town. Nobody seemed to know where the school had been, however, so Allyson asked her brother, Dana Yost, who is a historian of the area and has written a book on the topic, 1940: Journal of a Midwestern Town. Dana indicated the school was at the south corner of Jackson and 3rd Streets, at the blue "School" marker. If the Lund house was directly across from it, it would have been at the "House" marker (assuming the school faced on Jackson Street), but that lot (and in fact all the lots in that area) have large modern houses. So most likely the Lund house (or more properly "cottage" or "shack") no longer exists.