Lund family - Photo #1


The Lunds — where we came from

The Lund family of Minneota, Minnesota, descended from four Norwegian immigrants; one from Hedmark and three from Telemark, both farming areas. Bear in mind that before 1923, Norwegians did not have surnames, only patronymics, e.g. Jan Nilsen (or Nilson), meaning Jan, son of Nils, or Anna Egilsdatter, meaning Anna, daughter of Egil. Our four ancestors are:
  1. Peder Nicolaisen, born 1841 in Løiten (now Løten), Hedmark, who became Peter Nicolai Lund when he arrived in the United States in 1868.
  2. Bergit Høljesdatter, born Gransherad, Telemark, in 1834, who arrived in the US in 1842 and became Betsey Lund when (after a first marriage) she married Peter Lund.
  3. Bjørn Jansen, born in Sauherad, Telemark, Norway, in 1852, who became John Bjorn Johnson when he arrived in the US in 1861.
  4. Simonine Mathene Andersdatter, born in Bamle, Telemark in 1858, who took the surname Halvorson (her father's patronymic) when she arrived in the US in 1861, and became Martina Johnson when she married John Bjorn Johnson in 1875.
The counties (fylke) Hedmark and Telemark are on east side of the "bowl of the spoon" as shown on the map. The towns Løten, Gransherad, Sauherad, and Bamle are indicated with the reddish pointers. Click the Enlarge button above the map for a closer look.