Lund family - Photo #19

Carl and Hannah's first child, Palma (Polly), born in Minneota, Minnesota, 1903. This photo dates from about 1920. Polly was married in 1927 and moved to California in 1930. In 1940, when my Mom graduated from high school, she moved to Polly's house in California where she stayed for some time before she joined the Navy WAVES in World War II. Sally, Zeke's daughter, says "Polly was very successful with the phone company and bought a lot of stock in it. Her husband Harold was very wealthy and when he passed Polly invested wisely... always helping family out. She always visited May [Mabel] and took trips with Ella, who never married." Polly's name sometimes appears as "Palina" but that's a misreading of the old handwritten official documents, it is really "Palma".