Uncle Pete gallery - Photo #54 - 1970s...

I found this one in one of Dad's albums. Apparently he and Pete had lived with this lady and her husband (Sarah and Lockwood Hardcastle) at Safety Beach, Bozman, Maryland, on Chesapeake Bay. I believe this would have been 1925-27, because I found two years of report cards from Dad's elementary school there in one his albums. This was right around the time when Gus left Daniel. Who are these people and why were Dad and Pete living with them? I think the most likely explanation is that when Gus left Daniel, she brought the kids with her and stayed with them at Sarah's house. As evidence I have some photos that Gus took of Dad and Pete 1925-27. This picture was taken when Dad and Pete went back to visit the Hardcastles 40 years later in 1977. The mystery is, how did Gus pick this place? As far as I can tell they are not related to Gus in any way, and Bozman is almost totally inaccessible from either Frederick MD or Washington DC. Also, the Hardcastles were much younger than Gus; Sarah would have been only 10 in 1925, and certainly not married to Lockwood yet.